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Grand Slam Tennis names

Watching Australian Open TennisAs Melbourne is gearing up for the beginning of the Australian Open for another year, the showcase of tennis and our great city on display around the world, it always makes me reminisce about the great days I have had at the Open, but also about my trips collecting the other Slam events around the world.

Australian Open

French Open Tennis at Roland GarrosCombining my interest of sport and travel is a serious addiction of mine, and I completely blame my mother, who started and continues the tradition of taking my sisters and me to the Open every year. Day 1 and 2 is our standard, and these first days allow you to get a look at all the big and not-so-big names, on the spread of Melbourne Park’s big and smaller courts.

Fairly easy to get tickets from the online official seller, there is also a cheaper twilight price for entry after 5.30pm, where there is at least one guaranteed match on, and a live band in the bar area. It’s always such a great day, and so close to the city and accessible by transport.

Visit the Australian Open website for more information.

French Open

Watching tennis at WimbledonBooking French Open tickets almost blind on the French-language website, I took a gamble and grabbed tickets on 2 of the main courts for our 2 days at Roland Garros. A little more complicated, with names assigned to each ticket, our group loved our sample of the French Slam and all Paris had to offer for a couple of days.

Many of the Australian players were out on the smaller courts, which allowed us to be very patriotic and get into the spirit of these games. But having a higher ranked Aussie player at the time, one Hewitt, it was a treat to see our countryman on the main court!

Watching tennis at WimbledonWimbledon

Whilst I was completing my UK Working Holiday, I managed to get to the hallowed Wimbledon twice. So easy to go, both years it was just simply a matter of lining up, and getting a Ground Pass. Not too expensive from memory, I am also aware that you can line up for spare tickets for the bigger, main courts each day, including Finals.

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